Parkway Youth

Growing Together

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here. If anyone is going to change the world, it’s the next generation. Parkway Youth is our student ministry for students 6th – 12th grade. It’s designed to give them a place where they can connect with God, with other people, and simply have fun.


July 16th - 20th

When you look, it may appear that God is not there. Non-existent. Unaware of how He is involved in the things happening around you. We focus on the void. In searching for God and with the help of others, we begin to recognize Him and see the brilliance of His presence around us. Connections are more evident - we see how the past is shaping the future. Those who know can show others. We see the light of His provision in the darkest times, guiding us to where He is moving.

Once you discover where God is working, you cannot unsee it.

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